Lowering Taxes & Making Chestermere Affordable For Families

As a parent, I know how challenging it can be to provide for your family, especially in times of economic turmoil. With Alberta’s unemployment rate at 9.3 per cent, the highest in over two decades, the families in Chestermere are struggling. At the same time, our City’s residents pay the highest taxes of any city in the region, double of what we paid just 9 years ago.  These tax hikes have real consequences; maybe not being able to pay your house bills and taking out another line of credit,  it may mean less hockey lessons for our kids, or canceled vacation trips to reunite with our relatives.  Each household has had to make their own sacrifice.

Current overtaxation is unacceptable, unreasonable and wrong.  As your Councillor, I would revise our spending priorities, audit CUI, lower the administration costs and bring us in line with the surrounding municipalities. We can not have a great City if Chestermirian families are struggling to afford to live in it. I promise you to make Chesetrmere more affordable. 


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